Meaningful Engagement Leads to Strategic Outcomes

Campaigns with Political Savvy

BG Strategies understands policy and politics. Our team is equipped to run complex issues campaigns through strategy development. From opinion surveys to grassroots management, BG Strategies can design and execute campaigns at every level.

  • Campaign management
  • PAC management
  • Independent expenditure committees
  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Coalition building and activation
  • Grassroots outreach
  • Polling and research
  • Media messaging

Advocates That Can Make A Difference

Our insights into California’s political landscape and credibility in the business community can open doors for our clients to start meaningful conversations. Giving our clients the ability to find common ground with an important stakeholder can make the difference in achieving a beneficial result. BG Strategies provides unmatched services in policy knowledge and analysis, political strategies, stakeholder relations and diverse audience engagement.

Regulatory & Compliance Consulting

The new reality in the legislature is that many laws are written to give state agencies far-reaching authority and flexibility over policy decisions. BG Strategies help clients achieve success not only in the legislative arena, but also with governing agencies.

Powerful Messaging, Positive Outcomes


BG Strategies helps clients to develop on-point messages that reinforce positive branding and expand awareness about their products and services. We help our clients enhance their marketing programs by creating messaging that effectively reaches their key audiences. We know how to engage media sources that will optimize our clients’ coverage in local, state, national, and industry media outlets.

  • Media relations
  • Branding & messaging
  • Crisis Communications
  • Earned media campaigns
  • Media training
  • Media kits
  • Litigation support

Social Media Communications

BG Strategies can generate social media content to run targeted digital campaigns. Skilled in a variety of online platforms and channels to amplify client messages, engage audiences, and compliment the overall communication strategy. Clients can use social media to build and diversify their audience and inspire them to a call to action.